it’s been a long weekend

friday jay called around 6am.  kvns was sounding really wierd.  called the transmitter and it was over 100 degrees in there.  we just had the ac serviced so figured that may have been the problem.  so i got up drove to the station picked up the ktex truck and went to brownsville. sure enough, it was the AC.  called the service people and they said they could be there in an hour.  so i drove around the city for a while, stoped by a circle k, picked up some munchies and when i got back in the truck it woudln’t start.  *sigh*  so then i sat around eaching my munchies.. and decided to look under the hood.  found the problem.  there was a short cable from the fuse box that went to the positive lead of the battery, but it was short, and the battery mount was missing so it disconnected the cable.  i had my tools with me so it was a quick fix.  saturday we got up at 5am for angel food distribution.  and went to the hospital.  today we had church, went to the hospital took hannah to The Zone for a birthday party.  i finally got home and got to sit down and rest.  i think i’m going to watch tv the rest of the night.. maybe order a pizza.  i’m hungry.