It’s like they are not even trying sometimes…

So I get this letter in the email today…


My name is Marc Ronson, and I represent Adin Antique Jewellery. I would like to present a job offer as one of our finance processors. The part-time job incomes are 10% from the payment you receive depending on your activity in processing the tasks.

For example, for a payment in amount of 1000 USD you receive, your income will be 100 USD. Your incomes will be deduced from the amount of the payment received and the number of payments you can process on a weekly/daily basis.

Note that the payments will be sent to you by our customers and they can vary depending on the products they order from our company.

This job requires little of your free time, so if you are already employed it’s not an inconvenient.

Your tasks can be resumed as this:

1. Receive the payments via bank transfers;
2. Keep 10% from the payment you receive as your income;
3. Send the rest of the payment to one of our agencies in Europe.

If you are interested click the following link and complete the application form.

Click here to access the enrollment form

You will be contacted by one of our human resource managers within 24 hours.

Hope to collaborate with you soon,
Marc Ronson,
IT Executive Manager,
Adin Fine Antique Jewellery.


The link takes you to a well designed site but no matter how much time this IT Executive Manager put into the development, the scheme is the same.  Deposit funds that will not clear, have you send them your own legitimate money, and then when the bank tells you that the original deposit didn’t go through your out the money you sent them originally.

The site doesn’t even register to Marc, it registers to someone in China.  At least it wasn’t nigeria.

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