James Keller

Sunday was James Keller’s last sunday and the passing of the Baton. It was hard when we first heard that he was going to be leaving, but hearing him Wednesday telling the youth and then sunday telling the rest of the church was even harder. I remember when i first met him. It was a sunday night service after our church from San Isidro came over for a puppet workshop that Patti was putting on. The youth lead the worship in the main building that evening, (when there still was sunday night service) James preached that evening and between his preaching and the worship, it was like nothing i had ever experienced back in San Isidro. Later that year they came over to San Isidro and did an ourdoor service on the back of a trailer at the church. When i finally left that hole in the world and move into the real city, Abundant Grace was where i knew i wanted to be. Under the direction of James i learned more than i ever could have back at the ranch. He had this compelling way of telling you things, and you always new that he would give it to you straight. He wasn’t the kind to sugar coat things. He told you the truth, if you wanted to hear it or not. I’ll always remember the trailer, the outreaches, victoria, the time he busted open my chin, christmas at his house with the praise team, crawling on his roof to fix a tv antenna. It’s not going to be the same without him.

Here is a video that Tim put together