john loves patti

Yeah, i really do.  Thursday i was having a really rotten day.  one of those days where you’d just rather have stayed in bed.  all day long it was just like that.  i didnt’ get home till 10 or so.  and i get to the door, after a really cruddy day, and my key didn’t work.  it has been sticking but it would eventualy work.. not it’s just not working at all.  so i gave up after about 30 minutes of trying windows, doors, keys.. nothing.  i tried calling gutheries but they didn’t answer there 24 hour number.  so i tried pop a lock and there answereing service would hang up on me.. put me on hold and disconnect, or not even answer.  so i called the only other lock smith in the valley that had 24 hour sevice and some lady who didn’t speak english answered.  so i tried again the key.. over and over.. and over.. and just as i’m about to give out my final sigh.. it worked!  But something was different.  i looked over and my door was shut to my room.. ok?  so i walked over there after greating ozzie who was meowing all the time i was trying to get inside.  i walked over to the door and there was letters on the door that spelled out “you color our world” and i opened up the door the room was filled with colorfull baloons!  everything that was wrong that day just went away.  i love them so much.

saturday morning we joined hannah and her science club on a field trip to the island to clean trash.  it was hard getting up at 430.  The teacher kept calling me mr kohrt.  but it was fun.  i had a good time.  after we got home i crashed out the rest of the day pretty much.  now it’s back to work again.