john on gaming?

I never understood really why anyone would want to spend good hard earned money on something as silly as a game. i mean a board game.. ok i can understand.. my computer hardly would see past solitare. Untill, Aaron and Steph came by the other day and showed me this game called Peggle. I loaded it that night but didn’t try it right away. finally i decided to give it a shot.. and from that moment i was hooked. patti saw it and came and played some.. by the end of the night we were both totally engaged in it. in less than a weeks time we passed all the first levels, have about 4 pages of the challanges done.. and still wanting more.

another great one was Crayon Physics.

3 thoughts on “john on gaming?”

  1. hope the html works on the comments box (i have forgotten if it does).

    glad you guys like it. here’s another freebie called Desktop Tower Defense. I, personally, can’t get enough of this one. if the html doesn’t work, i guess it’ll just look ugly. you can still copy the url though.
    happy gaming!

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