John – that wasn’t very nice…  Audrey –

John – that wasn’t very nice…? Audrey – take a look at what’s going on when your trying to talk… are there distractions – tv, friends, etc.? Try a different location – instead of at home, load him in the car and go somewhere – like a park to get away from anything that could be a possible distraction and try talking there – trust me – it works.? Get him out of his regular routine.? Look at the situation – is it a matter of him not wanting to listen or caring about listening, or he’s just not hearing what your saying to him?? Men are kinda dense sometimes – I know one that if you don’t get in his face and tell him point blank what your feeling, he misses the fact that there is?something wrong. Remember that men and women think?differently.??They look at the “big picture” … the?”logical”… we women hone in on the “little picture”… “details”…?”emotional”.? Sometimes you just gotta get on their level to get their attention.?