john’s predictions

Ok well, Vista will be the front runner in IPv6.  Something we’ve all been waiting around for a while.  As compact flash and SDCards continue to get smaller and with more storage space, it won’t be long before harddrives are replaced with them.  No more whirlling, and creaking, and spinning..

Engergy consumption has dropped considerably.  As a matter of fact, the engery peak was in 2005.  Now that most offices and homes are using LCD screens and tvs, no more CRTs and picture tubes.  Although plasma screens use 10 times more power than an conventional tv.

Rental stores like blockbuster will be a thing of the past.  Instead there will be a block buster channel on your digtal cable or dish system.  You can rent any movie the moment it’s released and watch it in the convience of your own home.  Or, pay a little extra and you can DVR it and watch it when ever you want.  And DVR’s will come with DVD bunners right on them and WIfi access so you can access your DVR’s harddrive right from any pc in your home or upload your own creation to your tvs.

Picture frames will also be a thing of the past.  Instead youll have electronic photo frames.  An LCD screen that will grab the photos from your my documents and flash them up there.  Or you can subscribe to other people’s gallerys and share photos.  Like one frame for all the current photo’s of your nephew uploaded by your sister 10 states away.