Just say no to USB Drives

Earlier this week one of our friends lost her USB drive with her school work on it.  Needless to say she was quite upset.  Today I was working on a project away from my desk, had a call on my cell phone forwarded from my desk and I didn’t recognize the voice on the other end.  It was this is girl in a near panic.  She couldn’t get her drive to come up on any of her computers.  She was one of the new girls working for Extension so I went over to try and calm her down.  Sure enough, this was the only copy of her assignment and it was stuck on this usb drive. 

Plugged it into a few computers and sure enough, not even getting any power on the drive.  Opened the drive, no signs of water damage but the port did appear tilted.  As if the drive was plugged in at the same time it took a blow and bent the connectors. 

Talked to the girl and sure enough that’s what happened.  Going to try my skills at soldering to see if we can bring this back to life tomorrow.

Photo Oct 19, 10 05 34 PM

The moral of the story, don’t use USB drives for your important data and DON’T keep your important data in only once place.  A great alternative is Dropbox.  You can load this on any computer you use and it appears as a folder on your computer.  What ever you put in that folder automatically get’s replicated to all of the other computers you have the program on.  You can even load this on your android and iPhone.  It works on Mac’s and PCs.  If you want to share files with other drop box users you can.  Don’t have the ability to load the program?  you can still access your files with any web-browser.