An old friend past

i just got notified that an former co-worker of mine has passed away today.  i remember the first time I meet Ken.  He was the chief engineer for KBFM (B104 in those days) and KTEX.  i had just got hired on as the IT manager and when i finally got the chance to meet him I wanted to try and impress him with what i knew about radio engineering.  i had spent some time earlier with another radio engineer so i knew some lingo that i figured i’d find a cleaver way to throw into the conversation.  Not very easy to use terms like STL, uplink, side-band, modulation and carrier waves in casual conversation but i somehow was able to pull it off.  Once i was able to prove that i could help along side him het let me.  and boy did he let me.  Under him i had the privilege of relocating the KTEX transmitter from the KMBH tower to the KBFM (KRGV) tower, install 4 new stations and studios, learn and program the automation software used to run all the stations.  Wire up and configure satellite feeds and even work on dishes.  i got to get on the roof and install microwave uplink dishes and got proficient with the backup mechanisms.  Got to help other stations use them as emergency links during events such as hurricanes.  I got handed the HD Radio project and installed HD on all of our FMs and helped other markets install their HD equipment.  Even got to go to Phoenix to install all of their HDs since their staff was tied up with other projects.

During al the time i got to spend with him, much of that time was traveling with him in his truck.  We would make long drives to transmitters located from brownsville to mission.  We would talk about everything under son.  He had a close relationship with God and we would oven let our conversations brag on the things God had been doing in our lives.

His wife Sun was just as much a pleasure as he was.  i remember him making BBQ and inviting Patti and I over to his house for lunch on saturday afternoon.

i learned a lot from Mr. Meek.  Attention to detail, the desire to leave work that you can be proud of, and the value to doing things right the first time, even though it takes much more time and patience.

Mr. Meek, you will be missed from the radio community for all your years of service.  From the first station you built in corpus to the legacy of work you’ve left in your 60+ years.  Thank you for everything you showed me and let me learn.

This concludes our broadcast day.

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