it’s been a few days since i’ve said anything on here so here’s the latest.  I really don’t like BBVA aka, Compass Bank.

I’m sure they are not mean people or anything, and i’m sure that their banking practices work… but Patti put it best, People in the valley are backwards.  They do not work like the rest of the world.  When it comes to customer service, people in the valley are really spoiled.  (not including the customer service (or lack of) from Time Warner Cable, but that’s mostly do to the fact that their is not other cable provider willing to come down here.. but that’s another post)  I enjoy the benefits of a community bank.  I like being able to walk into my local branch, know the ladies in the lobby and have them address me as i walk in by my name.  I like being able to call a local customer service number and talk to someone who probably live near by where i live and speaks a language that i speak and fluently.  I don’t want to have to pay for extras like Internet Banking.  I like knowing that if i deposit cash, that i can withdraw that same cash the same day.  I don’t like being charged for each direct deposit i get.  just to name a few.  yeah, i guess the valley has grown on me and i’ve gotten spoiled too.  I spent a few weeks shopping around for new banks.  Frost had two neat features, 1 was a online-only bank account.  I heard about these when i was working for a bank a few years ago.  No brick and mortar banks.  everything is done electronically.  They even gave you interest on your checking account.  They also had another account that would reimburse your atm fees from other banks.  I looked at several other banks but in the end, the one we chose to move all of our accounts to was First National Bank.  It’s a pain having to change all the direct deposits and auto debits but consolidating everything has been something i’ve been wanting to do for a while anyway. 

What else has gone on… Patti, Tori and Randall are all sick.  The Flu is what they are calling it.  Needless to say, it hasn’t been to fun at home.  Hopefully they will start feeing better soon. 

Hurricane IKE doesn’t seam to be heading our way anymore.  Grant it, i love the fun of being in the middle of it all.  Putting my skills to the test.  Being away from home really stinks.  During Gustav, i got to enjoy it from the comfort of my bed, getting our Louisiana stations on their backup systems.  Our Corpus stations may encounter some trouble.  I’ll be in my pajama’s ready if they need. 

During all the research i was doing looking for banks, i saw that a few of them had some openings.  I threw my resume out there to see if i could find something closer to home.  After almost 6 years this drive is getting old.  Also not seeing any sort of raise in 6 years is also pretty despairing.  And corporate is telling us to cut even more during this last quarter.  So.. looking forward to things changing around here doesn’t seam to promising.