Kung Pao

no.. it’s not one of ours, but a very interesting site none the less.

some guys have all the luck, er time.

Not me clearly,

been working on another secret project at the radio station that primarly invovles my development and implementation as well as some things for Billy do to which me’s he’s going to ask me to most of them for him.  This get’s kicked into high gear next week, the week i tried to take vacation.  Tommrow elaine hollar starts her stent here.  Saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday.

then tursday Richest of fare show up so i need to have the stage cleared after elain and before they show up to setup a concert type stage.  they play friday night, saturday morning/afternoon workshops, saturday night, sunday morning and sunday night.  And on top of that, an event at the live stock show that saturday, two new satelite shows on saturday that i’m gonig to have to be at the station for at the same time i’m at this night-o-worship at church.

Did a career day thing at my old alma-mater this morning.  it was actually fun.  I took some equiptment to demostrate and let the kids talk “on the radio”.  i was strange being back their.  i never minded school all that much, just all the short little people.