KVNS was having problems this morning, ended up be

KVNS was having problems this morning, ended up being the AC froze up at the transmitter. The digital audio converter was cutting in and out, mr. meek went over, unfroze the ac and everything went back to normal, until we lost power at the KHKZ transmitter, so it’s been a busy day. Smartcom has been having tons of problems with there web/email hosting. The law office i do alot of work for is hosted by them. I ended up having to change there DNS records to reflect a new server and migrate some users. I’m going to suggest they move to dreamhost, the same company that we use for the church.

Tonight is the clear channel christmas party. That promises to be fun. I just have to remember that i have to go to work in the morning, actually i need to visit tim smith before i come in. has an issue with his laptop.