Last Night

Another long evening.  After work i got to have dinner at the Leal’s.  Then it was off to KVMV for a meeting on EAS.  EAS is the system that broadcasters use to alert the public of an emergegncy.  You may recongize the “duck farts” that are typically heard once a week on radio stations.  So during the meeting the first few hours were just about what EAS is.. how it’s sopoused to work and what was wrong about the design and what was wrong here in the valley.  The last 30 minutes of the actuall meeting were probably the most productive.  I was suprised that being the new guy at the meeting, i got addressed a few times and chosen to help with a few projects.  One is taking on the website for the group.  So last night i created a site real quick with wordpress.  today i’m going to work on making it functional.  Another thing, they decided to make KTEX the LP1 and KKPS the LP2 which means that we would share the responsibility of listening to messages from the primary entry points and sending out those messages to the local tv and radio stations here in the valley.

And I also got asked by the station here to help with sales on our websites.  So that’s going to be a new project of mine.. with some possibilty of some extra spending money.  Speaking of spending money.. i really need a new bed.  i’m going to make that a priority this comming vacation.  vacation?  i think i’m scheduled to work through it already but oh well.