Last night we worked on the wedding song for Carlo

Last night we worked on the wedding song for Carlos and Melissa. Their wedding is thursday at 2. He did this rap song thing with some other guy. His part was reall easy but the other guy had to do about 10 takes before he got it the way he wanted. Afterwards, i combined some Christmas shopping along with coffee with Romeo together. Than came home, helped wrapping a little and then crashed out. I wanted to make dinner but it came out really funny. Oh well. Sandy is out of the office all this week so we probably aren’t going to be going to luby’s all week. And at the gift exchange sunday i got a gift certificate to lubys from the Todd’s. That was pretty cool. Next week i’m taking my vacation, so is Lori and Tim and i think Mr. Meek is going to be out too. We get out early this wednesday, off thursday and friday. then next monday we’re off and that friday too.. so i only have to take 3 days vacation.