life goes on?

interesting weekend. saturday patti and i had angelfood distribution. This load was so large the only way they were able to make it all fit was to load the semi without the palets. so most of it had to offloaded without the forklifts and handtrucks. then that afternoon we went to the ranch for a funeral. My grand fathers brother, Tio Fello. I got to see alot of famliy members i hadnt’ seen since.. well.. the last funeral. Yesterday Lori’s car was giving her trouble so Jimmy, Guy and myself went over to her house to check out the car. They had tried towing it but when they did they tried towing it from the front bumper.. and well.. yeah. so we get there. it would crank.. so the battery was ok. sounded like a fuel problem. Jimmy checked the fuses making sure none were blown.. all were ok. the gas gauge didn’t work so we put in about a gallon.. then volia.. it started.
that evening we had our christmas party at tracy and marshall’s house. that was fun. I got a tshirt, slippers, m&m refils. Ozzie got a toy and for the white elephant i got some christmas decorations. Tonight got another long night. i’m probably going to be at the station for a while. i just want to get all this work done before the christmas break.
There was a post on Arroonns blog today. I guess it was from earlier, but he mentioned that he was going to step down from the team. not just the adults but from the youth too. that was kind of shocking, but i think he’s realized alot and ultimatly want’s what’s best for the team. but now the question lies.. what’s going to happen in that building. Seams like alot in there has changed and not necessiarly for the best. What now.. will mark take over the team? John walker? he’s already at VF. I don’t know.