life moves pretty fast

if you don’t stopand look around one in a while, you might miss it.

Patti is still sick and still going 100 miles an hour.  This past saturday Hannah had her swim team’s carwash.  I don’t think i’ve worked that hard since our work dat in the youth building.  They ended up rasing close to 1000 dollars.  That evening was her awards cermony for the Valley Land Fund.  Didn’t end up getting any thing from there.  Patti and her went looking at the other wining photos and the subjects that won were the same subject that she took.  I was disapointed because she had some really good photos but oh well.  And the contest wasn’t really fashioned for novice photographers.  So.. i’ll be looking around for other ones for her that are geared to helping the kids, seeing their photos and helping them improve.   “This was a good one, not this one, or if you had done this.. ” a little more instruction after the fact would have been helpful. 

Saturday is my Dad’s birthday.  Mom wanted me to work on a photo presentation to have running during the festivities.  I came across this photo..


on the back was…




it was odd seeing this side of my dad.  Not just young.. but obviously a romantic.  I’ve just never seen him as an emotional person.  I’ve never seen him cry, i think i would freak if i ever did.  He’s just always been this big strong person who is always in control. 

I wish i could be that calm..  Watching the bail-out roulette table it’s pins and needles waiting to see who’s next.  It’s depressing logging into to my 401k portofilio.  They keep saying.. it’s ok when the market’s down.. you can buy more at a cheeper price.  I guess i can stand to wait for retirement.  I’m not 65 yet.  grant it another un-birthday is coming up. this is one that i’m not particually looking forward to.  growing up stinks sometimes.  I would so love to go to the park and play on the swings, climb on the jungle gym, swing on the monkey bars.  Watch the one time i try a gang of old laddies come at me swinging purses.  I’ll just have to resort to the trampoline in the backyard when no-one is looking.