Lost Season 4

For Christmas patti got the 4th season of lost.  in about a total of 4 days we went through the entire series.  Wow.. talk about taking it up a notch. So many answers.. but so many more questions. 

caution possible spoiler
So Ben always has a plan, but was THIS in his plan? Does he have a plan now?
Does Son know that Mr Whitmore wanted to kill them? I guess she must because she said they have a common intrest. not that she wants to kill them too.. but .. i dunno.. that one was wierd.
we learn about three new sites, the power station, the greenhouse and the sancutary but we only see the greenhouse and the powerstation where the gas has been sopousedly nutrilized by the people trying to kill everyone?
why was charlotte talking about being back? finding the place she was from/born?
what happened in the 3+ years after the 6 left the island on the island?
who is the black guy visiting everyone?
who was the guy who visited john when he was a kid?
what happend to john at the island after they left?
also.. remember how the island messes with not only space.. as far as where they are, but the time too. so after they moved, not only where are they but when are they?

antoher year before we can get all these answers? Patti is talking about actually watching the series this time as it airs. i guess i should get a schedule and start building a TVo since i know things are going to come up that might cause us to miss an episode and that’s just not acceptable.


Looks like we startup Jan 21 at 8pm