Lunch Today

I haven’t had lunch with the group in a while.  Today a bunch of us decided to go out together.  Some of which i’ve never eaten with before.  The topic of discussion was pretty much the uncerentiy of tommrow.

From radio-info..

At Clear Channel – Scared GMs, scared staff.

Are 1,000 people going to be cut? That was one story circulating last night. It sounds like a huge number, and it certainly is a helluva lot of warm bodies. But if you think about the sheer scale of Clear Channel, which has hundreds and hundreds of stations, that’s an average of 1 or 2 per station – though some stations are at skeleton-level now. The two-day managers meeting in Dallas began Tuesday with each GM being handed a thumb drive that presumably held the market-specific data – budgets and cuts? – they’d need going forward. There’s also a story (which I can’t verify) that Tuesday night’s traded-out dinner was pretty skimpy – leading some to go back to their hotel room and hit up room service. As T-R-I said earlier – I don’t know which is worse – to be the manager under the gun in a tough economy and with new owners. Or to be the staff back home, biting their lips and waiting to hear about the fate of their stations and colleagues. More to come.

Our GM returns tommrow.  Everyone around here is just waiting.  One of the ladies was talking about this with her family yesterday.  The kids were asking what they were going to do.  She responded, “When one door closes another opens” The oldest sister responded “then why is [our brother’s] door locked”  Poor guy, we’re always picking on him.