Mackie SR40x8 1997-2009

251412 years with this piece of machinery.  It really wasn’t at horrid as i may make it out to be at times.. but it still kept us on our toes.  Signal bleeds, distorted or missing aux sends, mis-grouping, muted intercom… usually a swift bang in the right spot would clear it up.  Last night was the final service with it.  I ran the morning service but Guy ran it’s final .  We moved the console out so the youth could be bestowed with it’s grace tonight.  I’ve also removed the compressors and gates as well as the console’s PS.  Tonight i’m going to pull the EQ’s and processors.  The next day i’m going to move the patch bay to one of the now empty racks.  (have to fill up all this empty space somehow) The new console is more than just a sound board but it incorporates pretty much all the equiptment picutred bellow into one compact 11U system.  The new “board” is smaller than the old one but still impressive enough to show off and listen to the oohhh’s from jellous on-lookers.

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