Mail Bag

Call me paranoid but I really don’t like giving out my email address to just anyone.  If you have my email address, you should consider yourself pretty darn lucky.  When I’m asked to sign up for something or an email address is required, I usually use an email address specifically created for one time use or junk.  Before this used to just be an email aliases of my actual address- but recently I split the two so I can know exactly what is sent to the fake address.  Here is what’s in that inbox right now…


I went ahead and clicked on a few (with a html disabled for added protection) just to see what was in some of these.

The first started off “Dear Friend” and then proceeded to try and sell me a house in Boulder, CO

The 2nd was non-html friendly but upon viewing it was just an advertisement for apparel.  Claimed to use for it’s “unsubscribe”

The next was from Paypal telling me that all my accounts are LOCKED and I should open the attached htm file to re-activate my account.  Viewing the file starts off normal enough, it’s pulling CSS and styling off of paypal’s actual site as well as some logos, but then…

form name=”loginForm” method=”post” action=”” onsubmit=”return validateLoginForm(this);”>

moving on…

Futher phishing attempts telling me an ach transfer was rejected and click on the report to view further detail.  None of the links attached however worked.  They must have been caught already.

Chase Bank was also asking me for personal information this time taking me to  also not working anymore..

Login International wants $10 to keep the internet free… go figure..

another embroidery apparel company

Elavon Customer Care wants me to open another htm file to update my account information

and finally, USPS failed to deliver a package and wants me to open a zip file to view the report of what failed.

The moral of the story, don’t just arbitrarily give out your email address to any site that asks for it.  Be cautious of emails that want you to open attachments.  And be aware that there are spammers out there just waiting on some unfortunate soul to give up some personal information.  Don’t let that be you.