make the madness stop

so i took the easy way.  I voted republician. 

 and i went for early voting.  in this day and age, why would anyone put themselves through all that on the day of?  it’s just unescesary brutatlity if you ask me.  of course it’s probably for the same reason that i like to go mall shoping the night before christmas. 

yesterday had to make a run to all of the transmitters to upgrade their satelite systems.  just another way to be controled by the man if you ask me.  came back the studio and met up with adrian and lupe and drove to the island to setup a club out ther for broadcasting from.  well.. the client ordered the line himself.  first mistake.  we get there and whatever tech installed it didn’t label it right.  Dual channel ISDN uses two SPID numbers.  We have to put those numbers on our equiptment to make it work on the line.  so i open the box.. no numbers.. so i ask the client and he gives me two numbers.  plug them in and get a “SPID error” so call ATT and they say.. everything works fine.  so finaly 5 comes along and att closes..  so we woudl be comming back tommrow.  but on the way home had to stop by the kvns tower in brownsville to upgrade that one.  didnt’ get home until after 10 that night.  today went to the stock show to hook up the trailer for the broadcast from there starting friday. i had already tested the line (with the spids clearly labled) so all i had to do was wire that up tot he trailer.. but the power i asked for two weeks ago wasn’t setup.  so we call the eletrican and he never showed.  fine.. we’ll go back the island and test again we get there.. plug in.. and agian still doesn’t work.  called up a friend at att and he’s like.. they gave you the wrong spids.  put the right ones in and everything worked.  go figure.  went back.. still no power.  went walkign around the grounds.. found the guy myself and he said he’d have it up by tommrow.  i’ll belive it when i see it. 

on top of all of that..  our new server will be here tommrow.. i need to install that and get it online so they can begin setting it up.  also we are doing a major software upgrade on our music system.  and then starting next week they will be here to finish the transition.   oh and mr meek wants to do an overngiht tommrow night. 

enough already….