Mcdonalds and a new pasttime

Went to lunch at mcdonalds here in weslaco. They have been doing some remolding behind the counter over the past few weeks. I was curious as to what had changed. It looks like they installed a robot in the drive thru lane. This thing would read the drink order from the POS unit, then dispense the cup, a claw would place the cup in a “cup holder” that would spin around the soda/ice dispenser. The cup would then rotate around to the proper position and it would automatically dispense the ice and drink. the person at the window still had to grab the cup from the holder, put a lid on it and wipe off all the splash that would fall around the cup.
The Lord of Funk shared a game this morning that i have found myself addicted to. He’s also the one who turned me me to Tower Defender. This is basically the same concept only geekeier. (is that even a real word?)
Check out Rack-A-Node for yourself. I’m assuming no responsibly for any lost productivity as a result.