Moment of truth

On or about the 13th of this month the local Fox station notified us that they were able to view the video files we were sending them but they couldn’t see the captions included in there.  So thus began a saga lasting almost a month trying to get them a file that would include captions.

The process was..

Edit the video to fit the time line

create a low quality video to electronically send…

Find a transcriptionist to transcribe the entire show

Find a company to take that transcript and time it with the video – actually create the captions

Have them email me a Scenarist (SCC) file of the captions.

Import the captions back into the time line and create a final video file with the captions embedded

That last step has been the doozey.  I began sending them files fairly soon but the station wasn’t able to read the captions.  we went around this road for several weeks.. almost a month.  I initially purchased Sony Vegas Pro because this seamed to be the only program that could embedded the captions in the video file.  We also tried final cut pro and adobe premiere.  those didn’t work.  Finally I created a video with every possible format that Vegas could create. Emailed it to them and said.. tell me which one works.  Earlier this week I got an email saying we found one!  The new file has been delivered and if all goes well it should be on air this weekend.