in reference to i have been thinking about this alot. I mean.. this past vacation i got an offer from Entravision.. and The Monitor had an opening.. i had the chance to really start to consider being somewhere else. But then i started to wonder why.. i mean.. I’d love to be at a point financially where i don’t have to depend on the check from church.. to where i can tell them to just keep there money and not need it to survive. Not be forced to give in to this whole chior idea because it’s my job. I’d love to be at a point financially where i can be an actual provider for Patti and the kids. I don’t want to be held back just by the fact that i can’t afford it. But is leaving cc the answer? I think i have something alot more important than just $ here. I have a great staff that i get to work with.. i have awesome friends.. people who i can entrust and don’t have to go back and double check things i’ve asked them to do. I have a great working enviroment. I mean it’s got it’s down points but nothing that i would consider substantial enough to leave. Being at that radiothon yesterday and the day before that.. i got to realize.. that it’s not the job that i’m doing it for. .it’s not the money.. i didn’t put in all those hours just for because it’s my job but because i love doing stuff like that. I love the challange and the chance to put the skills i have to a great use.

2 thoughts on “money?”

  1. No, I think your place is at CC, at least for now – that’s about the only thing that I am sure of. If you ask me my opinion however, I am going to say that its time to move on from AGCC, for both of us. We serve a big enough God that I am sure we will survive just fine. Remember – God doesn’t close one door that another one isn’t already there, ready to be opened. If we are going to rely on God, then we are going to have to be in a place where we can actually find Him. And if that happens, the kids might even get interested in going again. But just sitting around is not going to solve anything. God can’t correct us or encourage us if all we are doing is sitting on the fence post. We have to moving a direction in order to find out what’s right and wrong. What is it that Ivan would say… I’ve never seen a buzzard eating a moving cow??? Let’s get moo-ving baby…. no pun intended.

  2. Dude, I have so much respect for you, you know what I mean, I just finished im’ing you and I told you this once before, I I would rather be at a place with friends and family and like your work with less money, than a place where there is more stress, no friends and more money…one day I hope to be back with you and chris, amanda, Patches, Billy, pat and monica…as long as you have the support you have can’t put a price on that..thats priceless….keep in touch…

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