More HD Radio in the Valley

I remember back when HD radio was just a panthom of our imagination.  Going through the time line it appears we got

KHKZ on HD on 11-8-04, almost three years ago.

KQXX on HD on 11-14-04

KBFM on HD on 5-24-05

KTEX on HD on 5-24-05

It looks like December of 05 was when i really sunk my teeth into the project and got HD2 running on all the station.  Just recently i began playing with HD3 and moved one of the importers back to the station.  I may end up moving more but one step at a time. 

KVLY was on HD about a year ago, and then disappeared for quite a while.  They are back on now.  Up until now we were the only ones broadcasting PAD data, the scroll on your HD radio that shows the title and artist.  Today i noticed that KNVO is on HD, with their main channel on there HD2 channel, the MPS channel doesn’t have PAD but the SPS1 channel does ?!  or did.. now i can’t pick it up anymore.  KHID/KMBH has been doing a big push on there HD Radio stuff lately.  They did a big share-a-thong and were giving away HD radios to people who made big donations.  So now there are more HD radios in the market and they are talking about being on the air October 1.  They are now showing up in the master list though…

Station List

All of this technology is licenced by a company called Ibiquity.  They are the ones makeing all the money off of HD. 

They are actaully selling HD radios now though.  I always like going into the stores like Best Buy, Circut City, Radio Shack, and even Walmart.  I usually start by asking if they have HD radios.  And then asking them if any stations in the valley broadcast in HD.  The ususally either don’t know or say No.  It’s usually no holds bard after that.  I haven’t done that in a while though.  I’m up for a good laugh, i may just go do that.