moving in

i’ve made lots of moves in my years.  I was even known for being nomadic and living out of cardboard boxes.  The move i made saturday however was not so simple.  rented a uhaul and brought over my bed, couches and clothes.   cleaned out my old bedroom.  threw out lots of old stuff.  Moved into my new bedroom.  I even got to sleep there with ozzie.  It was wierd.  New sounds, new smells, new enviorment.  but now i’m starting to get used to it.  Ozzie even wakes up with Patti and I on our heads. 

Sorry this site has looked a little plain  I have some plans for it but i haven’t been home (new home) much lately.  After puling off that wedding my office at church really got trashed.  so we took everything out threw out all the junk and now i’m still moving stuff back in.  it’s comming together though.  i’m excited.  new office, new bedroom, new home.