moving up in the world

i was driving to work this morning and just about the time my exit was aproaching something caught my eye.  in the distant, the glow of an LCD sign. but not one of those car dealership signs.  this was a big one.  on a billboard post.  It was a 10×36 at least.  at last the valley is big enough for a digital billboard.  but in weslaco?  I was on the company’s website seeing if they had any others in the valley but that one didn’t even show up on the list.

2 thoughts on “moving up in the world”

  1. There is also one on 10th and University, right before the stripes. I thought it was pretty dang cool as well!

  2. Over the last two years, those signs have showed up *all over* L.A. When it’s foggy and dark out, because the light from the signs gets kind of “trapped” in the fog, sections of the freeway by my office look lit up like they look at dusk. It’s a little eerie to see complete darkness up ahead while surrounded by a sort of artificial sunlight. Some of the LCD signs here cycle through 5 or 6 ads, displaying each for 15 or 20 seconds. They’re really cool, but are pretty distracting at night.

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