much better now

ok.. apparently they do have some license. if we had that to begin with, things would have been much easier. but anyway.

we got to church around 7 after getting to have lunch with rachel and brice. or dinner actually. we got there and started clearing off the stage. Shortly after they arrived. I felt this huge burden lift off my shoulders when i saw Jason walk in the building. i knew after that, no matter how things went with dean, everything would be ok. i’m actually looking forward to this coming week.

in the back of my mind, i’m still trying to plan things for the Easter programs. I should probably send a note to the host site and give them some updates. frank is working on the poster this weekend and it should be done by Monday. it’s going to be a busy few weeks. and patti wants to throw a groundhog’s day party Saturday. i guess she deserves it. She worked really hard to pull this program off. she’s been so busy trying to keep everything together. she amazes me every day with her ability to multi-task. see.. to me multi-tasking refers to being able to screw up multiple things at once. but she is able to pull it off somehow.

i love her.

on a more somber note, Garfield past away. i remember when he was just born. doesn’t seam all that long ago. he was also such a nice cat.