much better

I’m feeling so much better today. Yesterday was extremely productive. Built 4 audio servers, setup the new stations within the software, delivered the equiptment to all the transmitters and setup two transmitter sites. Had some audio card problems at one site but by the time the day was over, i had one HD2 station already on the air. I’m at at 4 am right now and ready to take on the last two stations. I may be done early here assuming things go well.

I got to meet steve davis. His card reads, Senior Vice President; Engineering and capital Managment. He’s shorter than i expected. All and all things have been going well. Today i have just a few things left on my list. Thursday, my last full day, will just be training and showing them how to make the final transfer. Two of the stations aren’t even at this location yet which will probably mean taking the servers to the transmitter directly. Anyway.. i’m off to get my day started. I’ll try and take some photo’s for you guys today.

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