my attic

wow.. it feels wierd to say that.  friday patti and i closed on the new house.   With her working in the title industry you hear all these horror stories about how things can go wrong with this.  but things went well, we got done early and even got keys on the same day.  I was thrilled.  later that evening romeo came over and helped me scope out how we were going to run the network runs/drops for the house.  Now that i have my own place i’m going to network it the way i want to.  So doing three cat5e drops in each room and new RG6 runs as well.  randy came over yesterday and helped me start and we got alot done.  just need to finish one room and then terminate them all to the equiptment room.  it’s all comming together.  today a bunch of people are comming from the church to help move stuff over from Patti’s house.