my choice in bathrooms

i usually try to use the bathroom near billy’s office.  it’s got lot’s less traffic but mostly because it has a screen on the drain on the sink.  i’d hate to have to stick by hand down the other bathroom sink to fish out my wedding ring.  I thought i had lost it once.  I have this bad habit of taking off my ring and setting it down before i get involved in a project that requires precision equipment or high voltage or huge leather shielding gloves.  Ended up finding it at church.  It was a stressful few days looking for it though.  It’s more than just a ring.  It’s the one i handed to my wife.. i said “with THIS ring, i thee wed” or something like that.  Have to go back and look at the tape.  Can you belive it’s already been a year.. well almost a year.  It’s been amazing.   I find myself falling in love more and more each day.

So back to the bathroom, i’m not much into gaming.  I mean i find a game and i usually stick with it for a while.  First it was solitaire, then peggle, now jaw breaker.  What’s cool is that it’s on my phone and Patti’s PDA so when ever i’m stuck on the john for a while, jaw breaker get’s a few rounds.  Patti taught me the strategy and i just took out a batch with 1056, or might have been 1052.  Either way.. it was pretty amazing.  final score was 1200 even.  I was quite proud of myself.