My choices were either

My choices were either:
1) Stay at home and wait for my mother to get home and yell at me
2) Head over to church early

Seems like a no brainer…anyway, here’s something for ya:

Villain 2: Agent Smith (The Matrix)

Maybe it’s because Hugo Weaving is such a good actor, even when the script deteriorates into the mediocrity that was Matrix: Revolutions.? Whatever the case, Agent Smith was a hardcore villain who’s ultimate goal was to destroy the human race, just so he could get out of his grunt duty.? Somehow, he returns by becoming a rogue program and wreaking havoc across the Matrix.? Any bad guy who can find a way to work outside of a control system like the Matrix (cough…cough…plothole), surely deserves mention, at least on my list.

Happy, Patti?