my new favorite app

The iPhone redbox app is by far my new favorite app.  Last night Patti and i were at HEB and wanted to “redbox” a movie.  So we go to the machine and of course there is a line in front of it with people browsing.  *sigh* so we go inside to shop and while we are shopping i pull out my iPhone, open up the redbox app and start browsing the movies that are loaded into that very machine we were standing in front of.  Found starwars and even though we had both seen it before, it was a good movie and wouldn’t mind getting to see it again.  So i clicked on “Reserve” and while patti was in the checkline, i walked back over to the machine, “clicked” the online reservation button, swiped my card and out popped my movie.

As an added bonus, i got an email confirmation of the reservation and a confirmation when the movie was returned this morning.  now i’m just waiting for the chance try it again!