nature at it’s finest

i was watching a show on discovery i think.. about ants. i usually hate the little buggers but these ants were interesting. they were called Slavemaker ants. I learned alot.. like when some ants are attacked.. the guards at the front of the den release an acid could that keeps away the unwanted.. well.. it doesn’t affect these guys. So they invade and the queen then battles the slavemaker qween. The attacked queen bites the slavemaker qween over and over but the slavemaker will eventually kill the other one. But with all the scent of the original qween the other ants will assume that this is the original qween when in fact it’s an imposter. At that point the new qween will have them do her bidding instead. Also, they take the eggs from that colonly to there nest and raise them as there own. then these other ants must work as slave labors for the slavemaker ants. it was really interesting.
speaking of ants… we have all these wierd bugs dead outside. they have the color and wings of wasp.. and about that size but the body of a monster ant. and they are all dead or dying on the cement by the doors. really wierd.