Need more Dropbox space?

First of all.. if your not already a dropbox user.. what are you waiting for?  Never need another usb drive again, stop shuffling files between work and home and your laptops.. get access to all of those files on your mobile, iPhone or Android. Know that your data is backed up and you can even share data between teams of people for collaboration and projects.

So quit waiting and install Dropbox today. (It’s ok i’ll wait)

Now that you have Dropbox, you’ll find that you instantly have 2GB of free space.  But wouldn’t it be nice to have some additional space.  There are a few easy ways to instantly get more free space.

First is with this page.  By doing a few things such as connecting your twitter, facebook and following dropbox and bragging a little about them, you can free space very easly.

Another method is with your email address.  By signing up with an address that ends in .EDU you can double your current space and get double referall credit.  Use this link to sing up for that.

Finally, there is a new beta version of dropbox.  It add a feature of importing photos/videos from your mobile devices directly onto your dropbox account.  Get it here.  So after you’ve installed it, plug in your phone, camera, etc. and instead of using the normal photo importer, you should see the option “import to dropbox”  For doing the initial import you get 500MB, then for every 500 MB of files you import this way, you get an additional 500MB.  You can get up 4.5 GB of data this way.  After you’ve gotten the credit just delete the ones you don’t really want and you have and additional 5GB of space.

The final way to get more space is to have your friends join dropbox too.  Go to to spread the happiness.  Your friends will thank you for it.  An important note about referral.  If you share a folder with someone who isn’t yet on dropbox, and they join, you do not instantly get credit for it, but if you go to and enter their address (after they joined) you will get credited for their joining.  Also remember if you have a .EDU address you get double the credit (see above)