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Ok.. well if you haven’t noticed i changed this thing up a bit. The converstion process from the old blog to this one was alot easier than i expected, but i still had to go in and edit all the entries and fix the authors. but 111 pages of authors is easier than doing everything. I got to use that time to go through some of the stuff everyone has written. it’s kinda neat to see the past year of my life on 111 pages of 8 x 10 paper. kinda sobering too. I still have work to be done on this but it should all be completed within the next few days.

5 thoughts on “New Blog”

  1. not quiet yet.. but i’m working on it. It’s comming together but just taking longer than i have to dedicate to this project so this is just going to be a gradual thing when actually don’t have time to do anything else. (or when i just put off the stuff i’m sopoused to be doing to be here instead) Patti has this drama program comming up friday so i’m going to be spending alot of time trying to get that going for her too.. maybe next week i’ll get this done.

  2. It looks people are leaving post in Draft mode.. not switching to publish. I’ll try and simplify the instructions soon.

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