New Community Outreach?

Patti and I have had it on our hearts for about two years now to do an outdoor passion performance.  We have all the pieces we just haven’t had a venue. We finally felt the Lord put in our hearts to do it in San Isidro.  You know, that’s where it all started between Patti and I.  Our church youth group came to Abundant Grace to do a training on Drama and Puppets that Patti was holding.  And well.. the rest is history.  the youth came out there to the church in San Isidro, they did a big bonfire, worship thing on a the back of a cotton trailer.  And i don’t think we’ve been back since.  well.. it’s been to long.  Today we sent an email to them to see if they will host us.  This is really exciting to finally see this dream come to reality.  I’m seeing a combination of Words from the Cross, The Passion, and tos tretos, all in “Patti Style”.   We’ll let you know what they say. 

Well.. we got an email back from the Pastor out there and he’s all for it.  We meet with him tommrow to work out the details.

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