New Format & Stuph

D00d! I liek teh nu format!

Okay…now that that’s done.

I’ve finished 3 1/2 episodes of my proposed “mini-series” (or whatever). It’s about a hypothetical America, in which security takes precedence over religious freedom. Should be interesting, if it ever goes to film (cough…John…).

I think I saw Shannon on a commercial for Where’s Willie…or something. It was on NBC this one day as I was watching The Simpsons. Can anyone confirm that it was her? I got confused when she said “Hi…I’m Lee”. I thought that maybe they were spoofing those OLD commercials of that white chick that did those “Make an offer” commercials (does anybody remember those?). Whatever…

One thought on “New Format & Stuph”

  1. I saw Shannon (Lee) on a comercial for some fertility clinic doing a testominional or something like that. I did i already tell you guys that? i’m not sure. all these days are a blurr.

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