new haircut

Went to the mall to cut my hair. Patti and Hannah came and got there’s cut too. There’s came out really nice. I had gotten my hair highlighted once before.. so i got it highlighted again and cut kind of short. I like the way it came out. But i found out someting, that the gay men cut hair with alot less abuse than straight old women do. And when she said she was going to use a razor to cut my hair i thought she meant an eletric razor. Not quiet. But none-the-less i’m happy with it. Yesterday ended up being a busy day. We went shopping for Maya’s birthday while we were at the mall. Went to the party, than after that i came by church to work on a few things out here. After that Johnny O’s wife had a birthday party so i went by there for a while. That was fun. Danny was there.. we talked for a while. Then the Mariachi’s showed up. I stuck around a little while longer and then made a quiet exit.