New Year, New Look, New Projects

Ok, i think i worked out all the bugs in the backend system that this website runs on.  Along with all that work i threw on a new face.. let’s see how this one works out.  As for new projects, i spent the past 30 hours redesigning the church website.  The beta site is now up and should be ready for population.  I’ve sent out an email to all the content managers and now it’s in there hands to fill it with stuff.  Getting that thing running was a challenge.  I’m running it with DotNetNuke, witch requries a few things like ASP 2.0, an SQL database (not mysql) and then i wanted to integrate Active Directory authenticion on it, as well as blind domain passthru (still working on that) and anoymous viewing for the general public.  I need to get out of this chair.  i’ve been having visions of php and asp code in my head.Š