New Years 2003

it’s a few minutes past the falling of the ball. My computer is playing Auld Lang Syne.? I was just thinking back on this past year.? I can honestly say i started 2004 one way, and ended it in a completely different way.? KMAZ still existed,?? Cyndi got married, I moved into my sisters old place, I purchased furniture.? Sofas, twice.? KVNS was created.? B104 left, Danny left, grandparents died, i bought a new car, it snowed in the valley. Lost a whole bunch of friends, Hitman, Tony, Amanda…. I got to get closer to allot of other people.? Lori, Sandy, Jimmy, Carla, Rachel, of course Patti.. I found out alot about myself. I found out that i could actually find someone who would always treat me the way i wanted. Who would love me and care for me and be the other part of myself that i’ve always been looking for. You know that old country song, she’s not the girl of my dreams. She’s more? Yeah.. it was like that. Even though i’ve known Patti longer than just this year, this year in particular was a deffinate change in both of our lifes. Together and apart. I don’t know what the future holds but i hope she’s there with me through it.

I found myself growing apart from other friends, some by distance, change in jobs or just because our lives changed. Linda, Marilda, Valerie, Amy.? Where we used to talk all the time or hang out or just have meaningful visits- time has taken it’s toll and left just thoughts of how things used to be.? I don’t regret any of it. I don’t regret the past or the relationships i’ve had. I know i’ve have learned alot from them and they have been important in making me who i am today. I can use those experiences both good and bad to learn what i want to become and what i don’t want to become.

I have no idea what to expect this year.? Only to be expecting.