night skies

9:38 pm, So last night we were sitting here i begin to read this post…

KRGV WeatherTime to see the shuttle again! 9:38pm….face West – it’ll show up in front of you and move toward your left (Southwest). Shuttle will be visible for just under two minutes.

I look at the clock on the pc and it reads 9:38.. we go out side and sure enough there is this really fast “star” streaking across the night sky under the moon’s horizon.  cool!  so we go back inside and i read the rest of the post. 

Then look west again – and the International Space Station will show up at 9:41 and follow the same path!


and i look back at the clock, 9:41.. we go back outside and another “star” begins moving across the sky.  way cool!

Well.. i can tell you… the government doesn’t do things very quickly.  I submitted my original application back in march, interviewed the beginning of this month, and today we finally got the rejection letter.  Our prayer has been for God to open the doors he wants opened and closed the ones he wants closed.  My biggest goals in a new career are

1. closer to home.  Driving back and forth to weslaco for the past 6 1/2 years is starting to get old.  i have over 120,000 miles in my car, i got that car a year into my job in weslaco.

2. better pay.  opportunity for growth and promotion.  i was fortunate to get a raise during my first year here, but the company has gone through alot since then.  It was preparing to get sold off so things got tight as the company tried to be in the best value position.. the company finally got sold to a private investor group, the investor group actually wanted a return on it’s investment, the economy bottomed out and lots of people were affected by RIF’s (reduction in force) So basically.. the company is trying it’s best to make/save money.  With Patti losing her job, our household income isn’t what it used to be.  Things are tight.. i’d like to be back in a position financially where thing are not so tight.  a point where their is actually breathing room. 

3. The ability to be back in a position of being in the service industry.. rather than just making money for “the man” 

So.. the DPS thing didn’t work out- still have another state job interview next week, and a good friend called out of the blue looking for someone for a position that seams like a dream-come-true.  So.. there are still possibilities. 

Don’t misunderstand me.  I ENJOY what i do now.  it’s fun.. challenging.. a good use of my skills and talents, but my first priority has to be to my family… and my ability to provide for them.  This decision is strictly do the the state of the economy.  has nothing to do with the job specify or any one i work with.  I have no hard feelings towards any of them.  Locally at least.  All this bs they’ve been pushing down everyone’s throat from up top has been a bit hard to swallow.. but the hope of better days makes it all bearable.   I appreciate the fact that I DO have a job.. but if something come across my lap that will help me accomplish my goals.. i would be doing myself an injustice ignoring it. 

So.. continue your prayers.  that the right doors will open and the wrong ones will close. 

I was talking with Howard the other day about all this.. and he had some really good points. Now we’ll just wait and see…