no more late taco bell

it was a good idea at the time.. and i was so exausted that i never felt my tummy complain during the night but no i’m feeling it. It was a decent weekend. friday went to the mall to start christmas shopping. saturday i spent most of the day at jennie’s wiring up her network for her new office. that was a neat project. i did 24 jacks with a patch pannel and wall mounted jacks in the wall. i was kind of proud of that one. sunday we had group at my house so we got to clean up. that evening finished working on a christmas present with patti that we’ve been working on for a while now. she’s good at that kind of stuff. i wish i was.

One thought on “no more late taco bell”

  1. what do you mean “you wish you were” good at that kind of stuff?????? I think you have been sitting right there beside me for the last three weeks working just as hard on that as I have and so far, it’s the neastest Christmas gift we have put together this year!

    You didnt cut any flesh that wasn’t supposed to be cut, you didn’t glue anything down to something that wasn’t supposed to be glued down, and you were creative in your approach to that project. It is just as good as what you did at Jennie’s – just a different type of creativity.

    So get over it. You ARE creative and you CAN do stuff like that whether you want to admit to it or not!

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