no more starbucks

My stomach hasn’t been it’s normal happy self.  I haven’t been to sure why but i think i finally found the culprit.  Every morning on my way to work i was stopping by Starbucks for a Grande Java Chip Frapichino.  I was begining to get suspicious so laid off the cofee this weekend, finally started feeling better monday.  This morning had another and it’s upset again. 

It was lunch time.  The girls have been working budgets for three weeks now so i haven’t had any lunch buddies.  Ocasionaly i’ll pick up fast food for them or something.  I thought i wanted Lubys’ today.  Somewhat back to my normal routine, so i said i would pick up Lubys.  I ordered the meatloaf and mash taters.  I could already envision ketchup all over this mean.  I asked the lady if they had any packets, they didnt.  oh well.. there must be some here in the office.  i looked all over.  couldn’t find any.  and just before i wrote this i looked over to the other desk..


Rachel called patti the other day, saying that something was goign on at the old trailer park where Paula’s trailer lives.  I called manuel who is staying there and he said he just got home.  Ok that must mean that he’s ok and that the trailer is ok.  He then sent me these.