no more the wiser

this is a recount of what i remember, some of it was a blur, some has been repeated back to me.  if you know any of the blanks feel free to let me know. 

8:15 we made our way out of the house.  had to run to patti’s office i think.  not sure what i did there.  we made it to Dr. Schwartz’s office and sat in the waiting room for no longer than 5 minutes.  they called me to sign some forms and to pay.  i guess the figure aftewards i woudln’t be able to find my wallet or something.  back to the waiting room and in a couple of minutes they called me again but this time throught the side door.  the lead me to this big room with a bench in the door way and said to take a seat.  so i did.  then they said no.. no there… over there and pointed to this dentist chair.  the girl took one arm and put a clothespin on my finger.  then a blood preasure cup on my other arm.  so both my arms are restrained and i’m just laying there.  paitti is with me and holding my hand asking what i’m feeling.  i remember the loud florcent light being really bright.  my other dentist gives me sunglasses.  i wanted sunglasses.  the doctor came and put a band around my arm and then put the iv in my arm.  i was expecitng it on my hand but gratefull it was in my arm.  it didn’t hurt at all.  he was really good.   then the nurse said she was going to me me medicine to relax.  so i braced myself for the tunnel.. the light i was sopoused to walk into.  the room to spin, my stomach to turn..  nothing..  then the doctor made his way to my mouth with the neddle.  um.. hello.. still awake here.  but you know.. that didn’t hurt.  and again.. and again.. and again.. 4 shots and there wasn’t any pain.  then he puts (shoves) this rubber thing in my mouth that sqweeks.  like shoes on a gym floor.  i hate that thing.  my mouth only comfortable opens so wide.  this wasn’t comfortable.  at first i was bitting on it but that was futitle… so i just let it stay this time.  then he grabs a hold with one of the tooths and starts pressing.  not alot of pressing but pressing none the less.  then he makes the way to the top one.  more pressing.. then a drill.. then more pressing.. and then he moves that ruber thing to the other side.  ok it can stay i guess.  the same on the other side.  not more than 10 minutes and it was all over.  they unplug me and let me lay down for a while.  i’m feeling good but there are things in my mouth that feel like pillows.  they wanted to walk me to my car but i felt fine.  they did anyway.  apperently we went to lee’s pharmacy afterwards.  a taco a la johnson sounds good about this time i haven’t eaten since yesterday.  they say i was quite the chatterbox.  Liz was there, double’s wife.  then we come home with pills and they say i should change my gauze.  it all went down hill after that.  spent pretty much the rest of the day in the bed here.  patti went back to work.  tori and hannah took good care of me though.  i’m starting to feel kind of hungry.  decided to go with them to the store to get out of the room but my stomach didn’t like that idea so i’m back in bed.  no food still so just dry heaves but probably for the better.  looks like the bleeding stoped too. 

I have to give MAJOR props to Dr. Scwatrz though.  I first heard about him from Amanda at the station.  her mom went to him and had no problems.  I talked to her one day in depth and it seamed fairly straight forward.  Melissa went to him too.  So i figured i was in good hands… and i was.  The procedure was not painfull, it was quick.  i felt really good afterwards.  i’m just a wimp when it comes to pain and hate taking pills.  the gauze i could have done without but i know it was all for my own good.  i’d recomend anyone to him.  Megan is actually up next.  if it was anything like mine, she’ll be in great hands.