Nonstop weekend/week

This past weekend was going to be a nice restfull weekend.  that’s not how it ended up.  went over to patti’s saturday, then that afternoon they wanted to go to the race track to try out a new go-cart that Randel built.  So we went.  I was having a good time watching everyone go around and around in a cricle.  Jimmy and Carla and their girls came too.  After awhile jimmy got in one and was racing tori.  then carla got in tori’s and raced around.  then amber got in hannah’s and made one turn…. then made another turn.. then another but must have lost control a bit.. ended up launching over a sand pile.. the nose hit the ground and the rear of the gocart fliped forward and flipped the entire gocart over then it landed and hit the wall.. she must have still had her foot on the gas because it kind of bounced back and hit the wall again.  needless to say.. that kind of shook everyone up.  then sunday we get these deadlines from joe and pastor jim, so i started working on those.. only to find the machine i was goign to do all this on was infected with a virus that was killing the rpc service.  ended up having to completely reinstall server 2003, sql 2000 enterprise, asp 2.0, then setup the dotnetnuke enviorment.. and then populate everything.  but i’m almost done with that.  just waiting on johnny to make the graphics for the thing and for everyone else to populate it.