not exactly a soccer step-parental-person

Friday I got to take Patti out on a Date.  It was fun just to get away for a few hours, leave the phones in the car and just enjoy each other’s company.  I think that’s one of the things i like the most about Patti.  I love how we can hang out and i find myself not wanting to be anywhere else.  Doesn’t matter what we are doing or where we are, as long as I’m with her, things couldn’t be any better.  Like Ozzie.  He will like to be in the room your in.  Not necessarily in the middle of what your doing (though he does do that too sometimes, especially on Patti’s desk)

Saturday Hannah was cheering at a football game so we went to go watch.  That was actually fun.  It was in the middle of the afternoon so the sun was  abit hot.  Football games are always kind of nostalgic for me.  The stadium lights, the band, the half time shows, the concession food.  well, jr high games are a bit different- but it was stuff fun.  She did a really good job too.  It was kind of funny afterwards.  I was carrying the camera bag, the umbrella, the drinks, and Hannah’s cheerleading bag.   I guess this is what it’s like having a kid in middle school. 


Later that evening Randy had a birthday party.  He made the best food. He’s actually always been a really good cook.  He makes the best guacamole dip. 

Sunday after church we got lots of errands done.  Tori wasn’t feeling very well so Patti took her to the Dr.  Hannah and her friend decided to wash cars.  It was a good thing too because i decided to side swipe one of those big traffic barrels the other day.  Didn’t really hurt the car but left some scuff across the front end so they got all that off.  Patti made enchiladas that evening but i didn’t get to have to many had to run off the the radio station.  Spent most of the evening waiting for Verizion to show up.  They finally got done just after midnight.  Good cause i missed my wife.