Note to Hitman (all others, please close your eyes

Note to Hitman (all others, please close your eyes):? Since I’m not? sure what exactly it is your going through,?and please don’t feel like you have to explain anything – because you don’t – but I see a lot of myself in the things you’ve been expressing lately.? I’ve been there .? All I can offer you is that it WILL get better.? You may have to leave some people/things/behaviors in the past and let them go.? You are correct in that those who love you and truly care about you will stand beside you and support you through this time of change, and you can definitly count us as those.? Do not worry about stero-typing and what the world says about what you are going through.? You owe it to yourself, Lisa and Ashley to be the best that you can be.? And once you are at a point in your life where things are back in control and on the level, you will wonder how your life got so chaotic in the first place.? I DO understand.? I HAVE been there.? Today is June the 9th.? It is four years ago today, that?with John’s help, unconditional love?and support that?I flushed the last of my depression meds down the toilet, thereby releasing me from the lethargic hell that my doctor and ex-husband had me trapped in.? Don’t get me wrong, depression meds can be good, and I am all for them but the Ex?had crossed a line and ?were using?them as a means of control and emotional/mental abuse.??? Eventually, I got free of all of that crap, and now my life is back in my control.? I am the best that I can be for John and my kids.? Chaos still looms over me sometimes, but I finally feel like I can face it head on and deal with things instead of the stress and lasck of self esteem controlling me.?? I promise you this… it may be a little ugly for awhile… but there WILL be a day soon when you will be on the other side of all this – and everything that you are going through now, will be worth the effort.?? And we will walk with you and beside you through it all.? Love you!? Patti