Nothing better to do

It’s a saturday afternoon, i’m at the church doing sound for a wedding where the bride appears to be missing.  I decided to tickle my brain (thanks marc) and see what was going on in the interwebs.  I found this page on my cousin’s site.  In there somewhere were links to his photo album where their were images of his house at the ranch.  i can count the times my brother and i spent out their.  Strangely though, it all looked so unfamilar.  I can’t ever remember the kitchen looking like that, and i was suprised to see their was a back porch.  I remember the living room and the fact that they had a satelite dish.  Not the fancy Ku-band dish network recievers you have now a days.  This was one of those 3 mettter C-Band dishes with the hydro-drive steering. 

It’s jus so strange how some memories fade.  Or maybe i’m just getting old?  Groom is conversing with the minister, it’s 15 minutes past.  i wonder if i have time for a water break.