Now, now… just because you actually had to break

Now, now… just because you actually had to break out the instructions to get through the desk assembly project??? You guys act as if it’s some kind of a breach of the Men’s Code of Building Ethics to actually LOOK at that silly little peice of paper. All you have to do is look at the pictures! You know… i remember a story about a couple of guys that worked at a local bank that got a huge box in one day. In their excitment to get the new toy out of the crate in which it was locked into, they promptly tossed aside the instructions that said “READ THIS BEFORE YOU BEGIN”. Several hours later, frustrated at the fact that the new toy still bolted in the crate, they pull those instructions out of the trash only to discover that the wrench needed to uncrate the new toy, was on the bottom of the crate to begin with……… I wonder what ever happened to those guys anyway?